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Quality and Accreditations - ISO9001

ISO9001 certificates of SPACE CARGO Group

The following delegations renew, improve and update their ISO 9001 certification accredited by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

Office Location ESP ENG
Grupo Space Cargo Madrid Certificado Certificado
Space Cargo Alicante Alicante Certificado Certificado
Space Cargo Services Barcelona Certificado Certificado
Space Cargo Norte Bilbao Certificado Certificado
Space Cargo SVC Centro Madrid Certificado Certificado
Space Cargo Valencia Valencia Certificado Certificado
Space Cargo Colombia Bogotá Certificado Certificado
Space Cargo Canarias Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Certificado Certificado


Benefits of ISO9001

To achieve the objectives and manage the desired quality level in our organization, the Space Cargo Group has established a Quality Management System based on its business strategy and an organization chart based on professionals, efficient processes and updated documentation.

Our Management System consists of a Quality Manual, where the outlines of the system are summarized, a Quality Policy, and a set of procedures that establish work processes for each of the areas and functions. The application of these documents is the basis of Space Cargo for the search for continuous improvement, even beyond what the standard requires.

QUALITY is part of our company philosophy: integrated into the work of our team of collaborators, directly managed by professionals from the Quality Department and led by the General Management.

The implementation of these standards means numerous advantages for Space Cargo and thus for our clients:

  • Standardization of the activities of our employees.
  • Rise in customer satisfaction.
  • Performance measurement of our processes.
  • Elimination of duplication of functions and processes.
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency in achieving our goals.
  • Continuous improvement of our service.