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Quality and Accreditations - Authorised Economic Operator

AEO: Authorised Economic Operator

It is an accreditation granted by the European Union to the operators who prove the performance of a series of measures regarding the safety and good practices in the international supply chain of goods.

Space Cargo has completed the certification process as AEO and has the following certificates:

Office Location AEO Number Link
Space Cargo Alicante Alicante ESAEOS11000019U6 Certificado
Space Cargo Services Barcelona ESAEOF15000036EY Certificado
Space Cargo Canarias Las Palmas G.C. ESAEOS11000029M2 Certificado
Space Cargo Export Madrid (Export) ESAEOS10000056QM Certificado
Space Cargo SVC Centro Madrid (Import) ESAEOS11000004AE Certificado
Space Cargo Valencia Valencia ESAEOF16000004II Certificado

Benefits of an AEO

  • Priority in the Customs Clearance: The SCDs presented by AEOs are the first to be processed by the Customs computer system
  • Reduction of filters: Red and orange circuits in operations by AEOs have been halved, that is, Customs filters are 50% lower than usual for these agents.
  • Filters change: An AEO may request the Customs Clearance Office (and they would finally decide) a filter change from red to orange and from orange to green.
  • Export Customs Clearance without goods in port: With the authorization issued by the Customs Clearance Office-Tax System, an AEO could perform the Export Customs Clearance prior to the entry of the goods at the port and customs facilities.
  • Pendency of Value and Origin: By appointment to the Customs Clearance Office-Tax System, an AEO may request the pendency of Value and Origin for a period of 6 or 12 months, and not subject to the mandatory period of 30 days.
  • Reduced VAT Security: As the financial solvency by an AEO is accredited, it is possible that AEOs reduce the securities deposit at Customs Clearance Office.
  • Access to the National Centralised Customs Clearance: An AEO can carry out National Centralised Customs Clearance presenting SCDs to Customs Clearance Office regardless of physical location of the goods. An AEO can also access the Community Centralised Customs Clearance.
  • Contracting Customs Clearance in Factory: Operators with AEO status can be contracted to manage the operations of companies that have the Domiciliary Simplified Procedure and Customs Clearances in Factory.