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Efficiency Network

The Barcelona Port - Efficiency Network brand is an initiative to achieve greater efficiency in the management of the goods passing through Barcelona port, and thus, to increase the competitiveness of its clients.

The proposal seeks to adapt the old Port Quality plan to new market needs, extending its scope of action while introducing new commitments regarding especially three key factors:

1) Reliability of operations:

  • Collection / delivery of goods within time limits
  • Customs Clearance in time
  • Customs Clearance of SIF goods
  • Embark on the scale planned
  • Authorisation to enter Dangerous Goods
  • Notification of bill of lading

2) Information and transparency of service

3) Integrity of the goods

Therefore, the main effort to maintain the Quality mark obtained will fall especially on Customs Clearance Office and Marine Department with support from the Quality Department, which will include the new requirements in the Quality System of Space Cargo. That is to monitor the real fulfilment of all commitments preset and to obtain information to improve service standards and finally to network to confirm the high degree of reliability of operations taking place in the port.

Efficiency Network Certificate

Efficiency Newtork Certificate of Barcelona Certificado