Space Cargo


Electronic invoicing


In line with Space Cargo’s desire to continually improve relationship with our customers, we have developed an electronic invoicing system.

This invoicing system allows Space Cargo to send invoices in ‘real time’, as son as they are issued and will give our clients a greater control over our services.

Our e-invoices will be CERTIFIED with an electronic signature that is legally registered and complies with current legislation concerning this area.

You will receive the Space Cargo electronic invoice in PDF file (avoiding postage time and processing.)

Verify a Space Cargo electronic invoice

Our electronic invoices are signed with a certificate obtained from the Spanish Government company FNMT. If you want to verify the validity of the signature, please, follow the next steps.

NOTE: The web tool to verify the signature is only in Spanish as it belongs to Spanish Government and they have not translated it to English.

  1. Save the PDF invoice to your computer
  2. Open the next link in your internet browser:
  3. Press the buton "Examinar" and search the file you saved in step 1
  4. Fill the security code and press the button "Validar"
  5. The next screen will show the result of the verification. If a green mark is shown means that the signature is OK.


Screenshot 1:

Captura de pantalla

Screenshot 2:

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